Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Ratcheting Cable Cutter - 750 MCM

Ratcheting Cable Cutter - 750 MCM

~ Locking lever keeps handles closed for easy transport- to fit in tool box or bag.~ Quick release opens blades easily in every cutting position.~ Patented two-step ratchet mechanism requires fewer strokes per cut.~ Hardened steel cutting blades for lasti, Always wear approved eye protection., NOT insulated. Plastic-dipped or slip-on plastic handles are NOT intended for protection against electrical shock., Do NOT use to cut steel or ACSR.

  • High leverage ratchet mechanism
  • Quick release blade opens easily
  • Hardened steel cutting blades
  • Plastic covered handles for comfort
  • One year manufacturer warranty


The high leverage ratchet mechanism on the Ratcheting Cable Cutters from Klein Tools grasps cables tight and allow for a clean burr-free cut each time. Each cable cutter comes equipped with quick release blades that open in every cutting position to allow removal of the cable before completion of a cut.

The locking lever on the ratcheting cable cutters keep the handles closed so they can be easily transported in a tool box or tool bag. To provide you with a sure grip, these cable cutters are equipped with plastic covered handles and hand guards.

Part #
Cutting Capacity - Maximum
Handle Color Overall
Copper Aluminum
KT-63060 1-1/8" (28 mm) 400 MCM *
(185 mm²)
600 MCM *
(185 mm²)
Red 10-1/4"
(260 mm)
1.7 lbs
(600 g)
kt-63060 cutter
KT-63750 2-1/16" (52 mm) Frequent use - 750 MCM * (400 mm²);
Maximum - 1000 MCM * (500 mm²)
Red 12-1/8"
(308 mm)
1.76 lbs
(800 g)
kt-63750 cutter

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KT-63750 Ratcheting Cable Cutter 1.76 lbs.
$476.63 Qty: