Heat Shrink 4:1, .315" (8.0mm) Min Expanded I.D., Black QTY: 25

The Heat Shrink Black Wire Tubing is ideal for covering and sealing exposed wires that may become damaged which can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement wiring.

The Heat Shrink Black Wire Protector Tubing is a specially designed covering that is to be used over or around exposed wires that may need additional protection. This heat shrink protector can be used in damp areas to provide a barrier against corrosion and moisture damage. This heat shrink has is versatile as it can withstand extreme cold temperatures as well as exceedingly hotter temperatures. The protective tubing is ideal for most wiring applications while being affordable and easy to use.

Features and Benefits

•    Consists of a high shrink ratio of 4:1 which means that the cable or wiring is instantly protected after application.
•    Outer wall of the tubing is flame retardant which meets with UL 224 VW – 1 standard.
•    Can be used in temperature ranges starting from -67°F to 257°F  or -55°C to 125°C which allows for a more versatile product
•    Tubing is suitable for all areas including damp locations which allow for simple and easy installation
•    Manufactured from cross-linked black polyolefin which has adhesive properties for additional security
•    Meets with AMS-DTL-23053/4 Class 3 for material performance only
•    Tubing is flexible which allows for easy installation on most cable sizes and types within certain parameters
•    Can be used on a variety of applications such as cables, connectors, terminals, and most electronic components

Where would I use it?

•    In areas where electrical wiring, cables and other components are exposed
•    Commercial areas
•    Home installations

How would I install this product?

•    Take the tubing and slide it along the existing exposed cable
•    Make sure tubing overlaps the edges of the exposed areas well for proper sealing
•    Take a heat gun and apply heat to the shrink tubing at one end and work it all the way along
•    Turn the cable over to ensure that all areas have been sealed properly to reduce expose to moisture and other harmful conditions

 Product ID  PAN-HSTT4A31-48-Q
 Color  Black
 Cross-linked black polyolefin with adhesive properties
 RoSH compliant  Yes
 UL recognized
 Dimension size
 .315 inches (8.0mm)
 Flammability rating  Flame retardant outer wall meets UL 224 VW-1
 Max. Recovered I.D  0.079 inches    2.0mm
 Min. Expanded I.D.   
.315 inches    8.0mm
 Nominal Recovered Wall Thickness 0.043 inches    1.10mm
 Shrink Ratio
 Temperature range  -67°F – 257°F (-55°C – 125°C)
 Voltage level  600V   
 Flexible  Yes

PAN-HSTT4A31-48-Q Heat Shrink 4:1, .315" (8.0mm) Min Expanded I.D., Black QTY: 25 1.67 lbs.
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