QWERTY LS8E, Printer

The LS8EQ QWERTY Printer is able to deliver faster and more efficient label productivity with its user friendly QWERTY style keypad design. User is able to input text faster which can save on time on label production projects.

QWERTY LS8E, Printer

QWERTY LS8E, Printer

Print labels more rapidly with the easy to use QWERTY keypad and handheld design

What's special about this product?

  • Labeling can be done faster with the innovative QWERTY keypad design, which allows for faster label productivity
  • Printer features a cut-to-length option, which reduces waste by trimming labels to the correct size, leaving a minimum of unprinted tape at the ends
  • Partial-cut option produces tear-apart strips for quicker and more flexible label installation
  • Labeling tools allow for specific label creation that's suitable for different occupations or projects: panel building, network components, plus maintenance and construction work sites.
  • Versatile - printer is able to print heat shrink tubing, self-laminating labels, marker plates, die-cut component labels, flag labels and continuous tape, offering greater adaptability to the user for future projects.
  • Integrated memory device - label cassette allows for easy recall of the last legend used. This allows for continuous work without having to re-design the last label made
  • Fast-loading cassette features both the ribbon and the label material for a smoother changeover
  • USB supported, so that you can access system upgrades, import data and print from a computer for improved productivity and functionality
  • Backlit graphic screen for easy visibility at the jobsite and in dimly lit areas.


The LS8EQ QWERTY Printer is a label maker that enables higher productivity rate with its QWERTY keypad style design. The LS8EQ features a handheld design that makes it ideal for field work, includes 1 cassette of self laminating S100X150VAC labels, and uses six AA alkaline batteries. This printer is ideal for most labeling applications and work areas, which reduces job-to-job transition time for the user.

Product ID PAN-LS8EQ
Weight 3.55lbs
Cassettes 1
Keypad design QWERTY
Multiple applications? Yes Labels, Tubing, marker plates, continuous tape
USB supported? Yes
Backlight supported Yes
Optional features? Yes, Cut-to-length, partial-cut
Battery Type 6 AA Alkaline batteries
Memory? Yes – is able to remember last legend
User friendly Yes
Hand-held Yes

Standards Endorsing this Product

RoHS Compliant

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Labels are provided in fast loading P1™ Label Cassettes that each contain an integrated memory device for automatic formatting, recall of last legend used and number of labels remaining in the cassette.

  • Crisp thermal transfer print enhances label appearance
  • Flexibility to choose individually cut labels or a strip of tear-apart labels for quicker installation
  • LS8 model features cut-to-length technology to avoid wasting labels
  • Label cassettes contain an integrated memory device for automatic formatting
  • Compact design makes it easy to hold in one hand while working


  PanTher™ LS8E PanTher™ LS8EQ Cougar™ LS9
Label Types
Continuous Tapes Yes Yes
Continuous Heat Shrink Tubing Yes Yes
Die-Cut Heat Shrink Tubing Yes No
Die-Cut Component Labels Yes No
Self-Laminating Labels Yes No
Printer Features
Keyboard Tablet QWERTY Tablet
Partial Cut Feature Yes Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes Yes
Revolutionary Label Cut-to-Length Functionality Yes No
PC Interface Yes No
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