1/4" Internal Diameter Split Wrap Braided Sleeving Black



Features: Fast, easy wrap around installation saves assembly time
Greater flexibility than convoluted tubing or spiralwrap
Allows for future accessibility without disassembly
25% overlap accommodates splices and connectors
Bends tightly without opening or need for additional fasteners

Application: Split wrap braided sleeving is a semi-rigid material that self wraps around the bundled wire assembly without requiring any additional fasteners. The lateral split allows tube to open and then closes with a 25% overlap to protect the wire assemblies. The Split Wrap braided sleeving is ideal for applications where installation, flexibility and future accessibility are primary concern. Split wrap braided sleeving retains shape and rigidity but provides greater flexibility than spiralwrap or convoluted tubing. Split wrap braided sleeving is not expandable.

Application Method: Use Installation Tool: BSWTOOL14 UNS # 170-03034

Package Quantity:1

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HT-170-03037 1/4" Internal Diameter Split Wrap Braided Sleeving Black 1.90 lbs. DISCONTINUED